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Purchased List Email Marketing

We Specialize In Sending Purchased Lists

Most email marketing providers, such as  Constant Contact, MailChimp, Aweber and iContact are strictly opt-in and will not allow you to send to a purchased email list.

Direct Aim Media specializes in "Purchase List" Email Marketing. We have over ten years of experience in email marketing and have a team of specialized experts that understand the craft of email marketing.

Our custom built email systems are designed to handle the sending of "purchase list" emails.   Our system provides the power that is needed to properly handle sending of third party email and proper IP rotation.

Many people are misinformed and think that Third Party Email Marketing is illegal that is not accurate. Direct Aim Media follows strict rules and regulations that are set by the FTC and we follow The CAN-SPAM Act very closely to make sure that everyone involved is protected.

What You Need To Know About Email marketing

While we have made it extremely easy for even a novice marketer to run a third party email campaign, there are a few things everyone should learn prior to starting a campaign and spending money. We have put together a list of a few of the most important points to help educate our future clients. We feel that once our clients understands the challenges and are educated properly, it creates a much better working relationship.

Email List

Third party email marketing all starts with the purchase of a great targeted email list. While you can go on the web and find tons of data brokers selling the dreadful $199 email list, we would highly suggest staying as far away from these bottom feeder data brokers. These data brokers are after one thing only.....your $$$$ and a quick buck! Trust us, any email list you purchase off the net for $199 will not provide you with any results and will just frustrate you to the point of never doing an email campaign again. While Direct Aim Media does not sell any email data, we do work with several certified Data Brokers that we would highly recommend sourcing an email list from and are happy to consult with you to get the best pricing possible when the time comes.

Data Hygiene

Once you have obtained the email list, it is time for the hygiene and email verification process. Most Data Brokers will tell you that the list is or has been “cleaned”, and while the data might have gone through what they call their "199 step" extensive cleaning and hygiene process, we can assure you the list is not completely cleaned and/or verified. The email validation and verification process an extremely labor-intensive process and there is no automation system that we have ever encountered that is worth a crap….There are many companies out there that offer real pretty sites, friendly UI's and reporting, but that is all it is, a bunch of fluff! While we do not run a email hygiene on all lists, we can certainly offer you that service, but don't be shock when you find out the cost. Typically, after deploying the data 3 - 4 times, burning up a few IP's and domains along the way, your list becomes clean anyways. You will eventually get to a nice clean list that has a super low bounce rate, free from honeypots, spam traps, and complainers, and ready for you to really start running an efficient email campaign.

Email Template

After you have procured your email list and have performed the necessary email verification process you are now ready to start working on the email template and sales copy. When deploying a third party email campaign to a purchased email list, certain considerations must be taken when creating the initial blast template. Because you are sending a commercial advertising email to someone that has not personally signed up or "opted-in" to receive your email communications, the initial template must be created in a way that is direct and to the point and coded in a way that will guarantee optimal delivery to an inbox.

The initial email template should include a simple message with a call-to-action link that will redirect the recipient to your landing or conversion page.

The initial blast should incorporate the following things:

1. Limited Images (typically a single banner image with logo)

2. Clear catchy subject line (nothing spammy and it should tell someone what you’re offering)

2. Limited Text (typically only a sentence and a few bullet points of text)

3. A single CTA (Call to action) button with a redirect link to a conversion/landing page

Landing or Conversion Page

The landing page or conversion page is very important; it is the landing page that the visitor will arrive on after clicking CTA button from the initial email blast template. Once the initial "handshake" is made from the blast template, you don't want to lose that potential customer by sending them to a page that doesn't supply a clear and direct call to action. This page could be your home page, contact us page, or really any page you decide, but in most successful campaigns there is a custom landing page that highlights direct sales pitch and that is made to convert sales. A well crafted landing page almost always has a higher conversion rate than simply dumping the visitor into the “Home” or “Contact Us” page of your site. When you drop people into the homepage of your website you are basically asking that visitor to fend for themselves. Often, what happens is that the potential customer arrives at your site and might spend a couple seconds trying to figure out what it is you’re all about and then they leave, which is called a bounce. If you are monitoring your bounce rate through google analytics you will have a great insight on your personal website statistics.

Direct Aim Media has extensive experience with designing landing pages that convert and can help guide you to a some great readily available tool to create the right type of landing page for your campaign. Please let us know if you would like us to evaluate your landing page and/or create one for you.

We are here to help you overcome all the challenges of email marketing and help make each and every campaign as successful as possible. We’re here to assist you and answer all your questions throughout the entire process.